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Magnetic Whole House Fan Shutter Cover

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Insulated Whole House Magnetic Attic Fan Shutter Cover

Save up to 20% on HVAC Energy Costs by Air Sealing and Insulating your home.

Your energy bill is ONE bill you can control.


Hook & Loop vs. Magnetic Seals (Yes, Magnetic seals are more expensive. However, it is easier to operate and provides a seal that other fasteners can not match.)

Magnetic seals have been used for decades on home refrigerators. There is no better seal to use that prevents air leaks. The magnetic seal has two sides. One side is attached to the grill and the other to the insulated cover. It works on any grill whether it is plastic, wood, aluminum or any other material.

Hook & Loop is commonly used to attach objects together but was never really manufactured to seal openings. It is made of tiny hooks for one side of the fastener and tiny loops on the other side. All hooks and loops must be securely fastened together to provide any measure of air tightness. There are literally thousands of hooks and loops that have to be securely attached to each other to provide any significant closure that can prevent air leaks. Every inch of the hook and loop fastener must be mashed together when attaching it to a closure to help prevent air from leaking through.

Seal A Vent® is an energy saving insulation shutter cover for your attic fan that seals and insulates the whole house fan grill.  The cover fits over your whole house fan grill using an advanced magnetic seal.  The insulated cover is easily removed from the fan grill during seasonal use and snaps back in place magnetically to cover the grill during the winter.

Seal A Vent® is great for homeowners that want to save on their heating and cooling utility bills by sealing their attic fan shutter cover during non-use periods.  No more crawling in the attic to remove the cover. 

The magnetic sealing system provides a method to attach the cover and provide a clean smooth seal to help prevent drafts.  When the shutter cover is removed it leaves a smooth white strip of magnetic seal which blends in with the grill facing and unlike hook and loop fasteners, the magnetic seal can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove dust that collects during operation. When the cover is in place, it creates an attractive look that has a white textured surface. It does not require white tape to cover up the edges of the green foam that other covers have.

The radiant barrier insulation product is considered a green building product.  The radiant barrier material is manufactured of at least 40% recyclable materials. Radiant barriers stop 97 percent of the radiant heat from entering your home in the summer and helps to retain the radiant heat in your home in the winter.

Shutter Cover Ventilation Fan Grills can be used for many other applications such as an insulated covers for supply grills, return grills and ventilation shutters in livestock buildings.

Seal A Vent® comes in a kit that includes:

14 feet of white magnetic seal (foam adhesive backed)

14 feet of brown magnetic seal (foam adhesive backed)

36 inch by 48 inch piece of insulation material

Installation instructions and informational paperwork

Customer Testimonial:10-19-2011

Just installed the Seal-A-Vent cover that I ordered from you last week and wanted to drop a line to say how impressed I am with the product.   It arrived very quickly, the instructions were easy to follow and the material was workable enough that cuts were clean and easy to make.  The cover is very unnoticeable and seems very secure.  I was also happy with how flat it is lying up against the grates.  Very happy to have this huge source of air leakage covered up for the winter.   I may now need to look at ordering the attic stair insulator.


D. Craig

Seal A Vent® Attic Fan Cover can be used for many other applications. For example, insulated covers can be used for supply grills, return grills and ventilation shutters in livestock buildings.


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